Residency in Sofia, Bulgaria through Lessedra in 2013

2013: a year of changes….!?

One of my New Year resolution’s is to become more involved in art and art making, and I want to do more printing and painting. To have a BA degree in Art should let you think, go for it and be the artist you wanted to be since you got out of high school.

Now, I guess, it becomes time to follow that dream and make it reality.

Having the opportunity to work in the print studio at PSU (Portland State University) with student, makes it even more exciting, and rewarding, too at the same time.

I explain the technique of Stone Lithography, and how to create beautiful prints to interested junior and senior students in the intermediate and advanced course, each term. I started in 2010 to work with students. To see their development over the lengths of a term, even over a few terms, until their graduation is very inspiring and exciting.

Because of my profession as a printmaker, a few years ago I got the invitation to attend the annual Mini Print Show in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Check it out:

The Lessedra Gallery organizes this event 2013 the 12th time. To be a part of it is great, but I never had the chance to visit the show in person.

Last year I got the acceptance for a 2-week residency at the Art Village in 2013. Working on prints, getting involved with country, people, and other artists is very exciting and I am looking forward to go to Europe later this summer. And it might be still in time to see the show in Sofia.

Other plans are attending Portland Open Studio in October, after a great first time in 2012.

Watch posts about further developments of my career in art.

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