History of the 1st Edition 2004/5

Julylion, the 43rd

is the title of my first Birthday-Edition with the limited edition number of 43 prints.

The zodiac of the Leo was developed as Lithography during my study for a BA in Art at PSU – Portland State University. Oregon, USA – in 2003. All 18 students of that printmaking class agreed in having a print exchange, titled “My Zodiac” at the end of the course. I wanted to combine printing my zodiac edition for class, and to learn how to print a multicolored Lithography. It turned out, too much time was needed to develop a 3-colored print in 10 weeks besides the regular scheduled assignments. As so to speak the project Lion disappeared literally in cabinet of stones. The drawings on the three stones were done, but there was no time left to print them as an edition before I left college.

My graduation was in summer 2004, and I decided to go back to the studio at PSU after the summer break to develop new ideas and to finish off already started work like the lion. Unfortunately this plan failed, because for the sake of my health. Back pain and other little aches stopped me to participate in the lessons.

Later on I came across with a small print studio, and became a member there. At the same time I signed up for a Lithography workshop at Multnomah Art Center. Debbie Hamm, a printmaker herself, taught me how to work with Lithography in a professional way. The goodwill and openness of my former teacher Eleanor H. Erskine at PSU allowed me to borrow the already prepared stones to finish my print of the Lion at MACA. However it turned out as a b/w print, because the other two stones, necessary for a 3-color print couldn’t be used anymore.

I am very thankful and receptive for both of their help, teaching me Lithography, with less chemicals compared with etching. It will still influence my work, because I don’t want to miss out on working with copper and zinc as well.

My print of the zodiac LEO was planned to embody the characteristics of the zodiac and the animal. The spine as strength or weakness, the lion as a creature, and a symbol: vulnerable and strong, upstanding or hunched, and always tied to family, but still a rogue, idle or restless.

My zodiac is Leo, and as a lion I like to discover new ways, they might look very distinct for some, but right now printmaking became a major task I enjoy very much.


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