“About Faces” Joint Show by Beate Scheller and Susan Gallacher-Turner

The upcoming Show at Art on Broadway in Beaverton, Oregon

Artist Reception Friday July 12, 2019 from 5pm-7pm

During July and August, AOBG member artists Susan Gallacher-Turner and Beate Scheller are sharing works exploring faces in all their different facets.

Print by Beate Scheller in the “About Faces” Joint Show.

Beate says: In my new prints I want to express moments, and want to challenge viewers, to see if they can find the appearance of a face.

I try to sketch often, sometimes it is on a few days in a row, and sometimes it doesn’t happen for weeks. But for sure my first sketch isn’t always the last image I see in it.

Quite perceptible a pair of eyes or a figure becomes multiple meanings for me, when going back into my sketches. First it is only the image I drew. After a couple of times, when I got back into some sketch, a face or eyes that had been hiding suddenly appear and look at me.

With these prints I want to challenge the viewer to look at something or even someone – with eyes, with a face, and don’t look away. Even looking twice to see the facial expression they have, connect with it, good or bad. Because faces and eyes are alive and always worth looking at, they are the connection to our surroundings and to our world, and soul.

Working on lithography stones most of the time, the image appears like a drawing, keeping lines and shading like pencil strokes. As a result the viewer can also look again to see the craftsmanship of stone lithography. I really enjoy printing small editions with a stone, because of its smooth face and the soft appearance of an image, like a face with all its surfaces.About

Susan says: From our very awakening at birth, life is all about faces. Seeing, knowing, loving begins with the faces of those around us. As an artist, I see faces everywhere. Whether I’m in line at the grocery store, watching clouds in the ski, or touching the bark of trees in the woods, faces draw my attention. Happy or sad. Young or old. Spirited or wise. I find meaning and messages and connections and stories in each one.

In this group of work, I started with my love of nature. My simple leaf form became a cloak from a group of fairy witches. Tree bak inspired a pair of nature goddesses dressed n a combination of natural elements, Celtic symbols, and feminine details. Shapeshifters appear again in my work in new forms.

No matter their form, they all tell a story we have all understood from our first look at the world around us. It’s all about faces.