Artist Statement

My origin from Germany and the educational knowledge from the last 25 years have given me the opportunity to concentrate developing new ideas and express them through working as a printmaker. Lately I have been working with Lithography stones as an easy and fast printmaking medium to change surface. Etching and drypoint needs much more complexity, but are still techniques I work with. The ability to combine drypoint, etching, and lithography in an edition makes printmaking more valuable for me. Sometimes adding chine colle or a la poupee plus using watercolor adds interested to the final art-piece. My prints expressing an idea and developing in multiple ways, because one final print is not the end of an idea.
In the contemporary art world I would see myself as a “Patch-Worker”. Because I am not a mixed-media artist in the conventionally meaning with the use of different materials to build an art work. I am a mixed media person with the use of different printmaking techniques and the use of unusual sizes of plates and paper. The obvious appearances of different material and their combination is secondary for me. My goal is to have a flow between the different materials and techniques I use.

Experiences from many different countries have shaped my artwork. To see the world in different environments, in different time periods and with a global view is a constant challenge. With my memory (through mind or photographs) of former landscapes in European countries, but also the changes that happen every day around us, is one idea I transform into my work. The main influences of each piece, with a combination of lines, shapes or architectural components, are influenced through these experiences from nature and architecture. A landscape in pure and untouched is hard to find today, but may be worth while to catch in a print and to remind us on the influences of civilization as results of evolution and change.

By introducing a glimpse of my work to you, I would like to have a critical discussion about our surrounding landscapes, architecture and environment. It is important to make people think about how landscapes and nature around us are constantly changing, no matter which direction this may take. The way to express that through art is one way of remembering our world from the past to the present, and how we experienced it.

The first impression of a calm picture, but with a deeper meaning let you think more critically about our world. A print, that combines well known components, mixed with a touch of fantasy and oddness should arise questions. I hope that makes the viewer look again a second time. With my prints I want to be one who kicks off considerations about how we live and act on our globe in the past and today. Looking twice reveals new objects or pattern, then recognizing obvious or hidden changes that appeare not just in my prints but also in reality.


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