Birthday-Editions, what about it


Birthday – Edition

The idea of printing a Birthday Edition originated during my studies of Art at Portland State University in Portland, Oregon, USA in 2003. The number of copies will vary according to my own age in the respective calendar year. The print is supposed to mirror events or effects of my interest that fascinate me, as well as objects, colors and patterns that have had a lasting impact on me during that particular year. Therefore in each consecutive year a new copy will be added to the Birthday Edition, provided, if I would get the opportunity to work in specialized print facilities. Thus print techniques may vary depending on whether I could work with a printing press or with wood printed by hand.


The numbers 1 to 31 could represent a birthday, and some prints of the first and second edition are gifts to my husband and my children, as well as to close relatives, friends and to people of my respect and gratefulness. In the following, please find some examples that might give people an idea for further possibilities to choose numbers: year of birth, age (for instance for a 40th birthday), wedding or other anniversaries. Though the print can be a nice gift not only for art lovers. Each new copy of the respective edition will then be for sale. Everyone interested can choose its own edition number, but should stick to it for the years to come in order to receive a collection of increasing value. Particular dates for certain people can be signed with a dedication, which would be a special honor and pleasure for me.

— ◊ —

Now some notes how to order: The editing date of new editions will start after the 29th of July every year. All owners of previous editions will be informed of the new edition in order to be able to reserve a copy exclusively in advance. If an order or reservation for a certain issue number is not been made by the ordering deadline this specific issue number will be available for others to purchase.

— ◊ —

I hope everyone shares my ideas and is curious about it as I am what each new year will offer. The first edition for 2003 (43 copies) and the second edition for 2004 (44 copies) was printed and published in 2005, as there were no facilities previously available for lithography printing. For the coming year I wish all of you a wonderful time with your prints as well as good health and many interesting events, and for myself I wish for, what I already got so far: an interesting time till the next completed issue as well as for every future edition.
Roster of Edition # available at request

Disclaimer: I have no liability against printing errors or default of timelines mentioned above. Times and objects may changes.


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