International Print Exchange 2019 “Displacement”, Australia

Prints go out to THE MAKERS STUDIO in October

2 plate Limited Edition of 11 Prints, woodcut and drypoint

“New Moon Reflection”

At The Makers Studio in Australia they are going to do a print exchange with the title “Displacement”. I participate with the image called “New Moon Reflection” and looking forward to what I will get in return. 9 prints will be send back to each participant, and also one will be in a show and one will stay for archival purposes.

$5.00 of the application fee will go to a charity in Australia (to be determined).

I chose this image, because for me this print perfectly represents the theme “Displacement”, and for various reasons.
First of all it is obviously printed with two plates, one wood cut, one is a copper plate drypoint. They are printed offset on purpose.
I found the copperplate as a scrap with welding residue on it, what printed as the shrubs and bushes.
The tree roots are displaced too. They grow through the brick wall, but still hold the tree in its place.
Finally the “Black” or New Moon, usually not seen for our naked eye, is bright in the sky and reflecting on the plants – and therefore black, instead of the pale moonlight.

Displacement for this print needs also following statement: one images was already in the mini print show ADOGI in Spain, but wasn’t sold an sent back to me.
And usually I do editioning with 10, 15 or 29 prints. This was done in 2013, when I printed unintentionally 11 images, now the perfect amount of prints for the exchange.